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A multimodal atlas of Romance

The Italo-Romance part of the atlas will be published shortly. Bear with us, raw data require a lot of work!

In the meantime, I invite you to explore the rest of this website.

Welcome to Focus!, the multimodal atlas of Romance that will allow you to see how different Romance varieties realise focalisations on nominals. The phenomena documented in the first rounds of interviews are as follows:

  • Informational foci;
  • Contrastive foci;
  • Corrective foci;
  • Use of clefts (declarative and interrogative);
  • Wh-questions.

How do I use Focus!?

Focus! is easy to use. It consists of 4 maps covering the strategies used for infomational foci (MAP 1), contrastive foci (MAP 2), mirative foci (MAP 3), wh-questions (MAP 4), and of a final map which combines all of the phenomena and will normally only be used by those who wish to do large-scale comparative analyses (MAP 5).

Just zoom on one of the maps below to see the names of the documented varieties. Click on the name of the variety that you’re interested in, and a window will open which gives you all the names of the interviewees for that variety, along with their written and spoken productions. The name of a variety/town can also be found using the ‘search’ button.

For now, it is only possible to consult the atlas, and listen to the recordings. Later on, it will become possible to download the material.

MAP 1: Informational foci in the Romance languages

MAP 2: Contrastive foci in the Romance languages

MAP 3: Corrective foci in the Romance languages

MAP 4: Wh-questions in the Romance languages

MAP 5: Nominal focalisations in the Romance languages

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