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Focus! Documenting Romance

An important message to those who have tried to sign up before 21.09.2021: because of a horrible mistake in my code, all of your forms were sent to a wrong e-mail address and never received! I apologise and invite you to register again.


How do you focus a piece of new information? How do you focus a constituent to correct a previous utterance? Do you use clefts in your variety? These are all questions that we will try to answer together if you decide to take part in my project!


To take part in the survey, you’ll need to:

  • Speak a Romance language. Is your language a ‘dialect’? Even better!
  • Be able to interact with the interviewer in either English, French or Italian.

Attention: You can take part in this survey only if you’ve spoken the language that you want to document from birth, and still speak it regularly.

No knowledge of linguistics/grammar is required!

What will you be asked to do?

Together, we will go through a series of contexts/situations, describe them in your language and then build dialogues that are appropriate for those contexts/situations.

I will ask you to write the contexts and dialogues down (don’t worry if you speak a dialect and don’t know how to write it, we’ll figure that out together!), and also to read/act them. If you agree, I will record your voice, and make the recordings available on my website.

Agreeing to being recorded does not imply agreeing to share your recordings publicly – your wishes will be discussed and honoured. Also, the atlas will normally associate each recording/written sentence to the initials of the speaker (e.g. John Smith will be called JS); however, if you don’t wish to share your initials, I will use the label ‘AN’ (‘anonymous’) to keep your identity safe.

How do I let you know that I’m in?

Simply fill in the registration form below! After reception, I will send you an e-mail to agree on a time slot for the interview, and to agree on the video call platform to use.

Feel free to use the ‘other details’ space for communications.

Thank you for your help! ❤

PS. If you have friends/colleagues that might be interested in taking part in the interviews, please share this page using the links below!

PPS. I’ll be more than happy to have several interviewees who speak the same variety (e.g., a group of friends from the same village), but I will limit the number of people from the same household to two members of either different gender (e.g., husband and wife) or different generations (e.g., an elderly lady and her teenage grand-daughter).

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